A new theatrical dining experience awaits at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Get ready for a new theatrical dining experience at Palazzo Versace Dubai as the signature Italian of the property – Vanitas – introduces to the guests The Cavalieri Dish. Inspired by the Sicilian Opera dei Pupi ("Opera of the Puppets") – the new culinary experience brings the characters of medieval chivalric epics alive and immerse the diners in the cultural traditions of Sicily.

Expect your dish to make a spectacular entrance as two Cavalieri march fiercely to the dining room and present this Mediterranean dish which features a delicately roasted lamb rack, seasoned with thyme and complemented with broil potatoes, pan-seared carrots, artichokes and baby leeks.

Curated by the Sicilian chef de cuisine, Paolo Gionfriddo, this theatrical culinary experience mixes the gastronomic splendour of the Mediterranean country with its legendary traditions of the puppet shows. The experience continues with the chef making an entrance to the dining room, plating at the table this beautiful dish and complementing all the flavours with a layer of a freshly shaved black truffle.

With 20 years’ experiences working for the world’s most renowned hospitality brands, Paolo brings to Vanitas a fresh approach, combining his culinary skills with the lifestyle offerings of the property to create a laid back, classy atmosphere at Palazzo Versace Dubai’s Italian signature restaurant.

This harmonious marriage of culinary arts and innovation, served in a luxurious atmosphere with an outdoor terrace overlooking the Dubai Creek, showcases the property’s attention to detail.
Price – AED 800 (for two people)
Available every day at Vanitas
Palazzo Versace Dubai
Hours of operations: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
For bookings, please call 04.556.8805 or email dining@palazzoversace.ae

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