Palazzo Versace Dubai announces delectable Iftar and Suhoor menus for Ramadan

Dubai, UAE, 23rd May 2016

Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel has today announced its variety of Iftar and Suhoor menus during the holy month of Ramadan, with 30 days of evening celebrations set against a tranquil backdrop overlooking the Dubai Creek.

Priced at AED220 per person, the Iftar menus will be served between 7:00pm – 9:00pm and will be available at its Giardino restaurant. Suhoor events will also be held between 9:30pm – 3:00am at Giardino, where diners are offered an a la carte menu, and Gazebo, where guests can enjoy live entertainment and shisha.

Promising a wide selection of traditional Arabic and international dishes, the Iftar menu will start with mezze, served on the tables as Iftar breaks, with guests then invited to choose from a selection of live cooking stations offering kebabs, rotisserie and grilled meats – including hammour taraboulssi, chicken tagine and kuzu haslama – and sumptuous lamb ouzi, as well as salad and fresh juice stations. The centerpiece “island” in the middle of the restaurant will provide an array of additional mezze dishes.

“As this is Palazzo Versace Dubai’s first celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, we have made every effort to provide an Iftar menu that is traditional while offering something unique for our guests. We look forward to welcoming everyone who wishes to celebrate Iftar and Suhoor with us,” said Jimmy Lopez, Food and Beverage Director at the Palazzo Versace Dubai.

During Ramadan, Palazzo Versace Dubai’s other restaurants, Mosaico, La Vita and Enigma, will also be open from 7:00pm, offering their normal menu selections, while the hotel’s Vanitas restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Giardino will be open only for Iftar.


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