Palazzo Versace Dubai Partners with Spotii to Become the First Luxury Hotel in the GCC to Offer Buy Now, Pay Later Services

Luxury travel has never been so accessible thanks to an unprecedented partnership between Palazzo Versace Dubai and Buy Now, Pay Later service Spotii. Starting June 1st, 2021, the hotel will be the first in the region to introduce this option on all experiences. From stays and F&B to spa experiences and banquets, guests can now book without the guilt of overspending, with a no interest, no cost, no catch policy.

A rising trend in the retail industry, Buy Now, Pay Later services provide a seamless solution to more economical spenders by allowing them to pay for a range of experiences in multiple, interest-free instalments.

Guests who want to purchase experiences can now use the Spotii to pay for their experiences in four convenient installments instead of paying the full amount upfront, paying 25% upfront with any debit or credit card. The remaining amount is split over three equal instalments and automatically paid in the future. The best part of all, this service is completely free of charge for customers. There is no interest, no cost and no catch to pay with Spotii.

Launched on June 1st, Palazzo Versace Dubai now offer guests who book stays, dining and spa experiences, or shop at the Versace Home store located in the hotel to pay in four interest-free instalments via Spotii. Customers can pay for their experiences on-demand in four interest-free instalments by scanning a QR code placed in the hotel’s restaurants, spa, salon and reception areas. Guests can sign up to the service by downloading the Spotii app, filling out their profile and bank details. Once signed up, customers can simply scan the QR code on the spot and the first instalment will be deducted immediately, making bookings as seamless as ever.

“Palazzo Versace Dubai’s new partnership with Spotii marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the hospitality industry and for all travellers coming to and from Dubai. Spotii’s game-changing payment service offers unparalleled flexibility that will enhance our guests’ experience at every level, thereby cementing the path for an innovative and open future for luxury travel experiences.” Monther Darwish, Managing Director of Palazzo Versace Dubai

“We are already seeing travel open up further and believe BNPL can provide consumers a way to make the most of their luxury vacation while sticking to their budgets. This is the first partnership of its kind and Spotii is thrilled to be partnering with the incomparable Palazzo Versace Dubai to make all of its luxury services more accessible to its customers.” Ziyaad Ahmed, COO and Co-founder, Spotii

The unprecedented partnership will open up a range of new possibilities for economical travellers, making previously unattainable luxury experiences available to a broader audience. Already proven to be a game-changer in the retail industry, the Buy Now, Pay Later service is now taking on the hospitality world by reducing the difficulty of making full payments in one go. The service also guarantees to offer the hospitality business a significant boost, all the while attracting a new pool of valuable customers to maintain a steady stream of guests year-round.


  • Starting June 1st, this option is available as an in-store payment method and will later be available online
  • For guests already in the hotel, they can pay for their experience in four interest-free instalments by scanning a QR code placed in restaurants, spa, and reception areas
  • Sign-up for the service by downloading the Spotii app, then filling out personal and bank details/; Simply scan the QR code of the desired service, and the first instalment will be deducted immediately from your payment method

Buy Now, Pay Later as provided by Spotii

  • Customers enjoy what they love today and spread their purchase over cost-free instalments
  • Spotii collects payment from the customers over cost-free instalments
  • Customer payments are set to autopay. No interest, no cost, no catch
  • Spotii is currently operational in UAE, Saudi & Bahrain and will soon open in other GCC countries
  • Spotii scheme is available for all credit card and debit card holders of all banks

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