Palazzo Versace Dubai introduces a new themed night at its Italian signature restaurant Vanitas

You can travel from Dubai to Sicily by way of a three-course meal, every Tuesday, at Palazzo Versace Dubai’s Italian restaurant Vanitas. With antipasti favourites like prawn carpaccio and tuna tartare, perfectly al dente pastas and fresh, seafood courses of sea bass and grilled octopus, you’ll feel like you’ve landed on the pristine waters of Sicily.

Sicily, the island off the coast of the ‘boot’, celebrates its authentic cuisine at Vanitas, showcasing true Sicilian culture that is made up of a lifetime of small, yet significant traditions and stories. We’re letting you in on a little Sicilian secret by featuring the iconic Sicilian dish, Arancini I risu, a ball of breaded, creamy risotto rice, stuffed with ground beef & green peas.

We’d also recommend Penne alla Norma, one of the island’s most famous pasta dishes and the perfect representation of Sicilian cuisine. Made with tomatoes, aubergines, basil & salted ricotta, it’s called Norma after the nineteenth century opera of the same name, whereby both the dish and the music, are viewed as true masterpieces.

Of course, Sicily has its share of renowned sweets starring the Sicilian cannoli, deep-fried tubes of creamy ricotta, as well cassata, a Sicilian sponge-cake flavoured with chocolate & citrus fruits, both proving that desserts can be considered as the country’s greatest exports.

Vanitas promises flavour-filled evenings at Palazzo Versace Dubai where you can discover the famous island’s cuisine that definitely deserve a “bellisimo”!

Timing: every Tuesday, from 7-11pm
Menu: sharing style
Entertainment: Trumpet player resident DJ
AED250 – food only
AED279 - including soft beverages
AED 459 - including selected house beverages

For bookings, please call 04.556.8805 or email





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