Palazzo Versace Dubai Enhances all the Safety Protocols

Palazzo Versace Dubai has recently launched an innovative sanitation protocol for all public areas, as well as guest rooms, restaurants, pools, spa center, and back-of-house spaces. In accordance with the local regulations, all the sanitation measures have been approved by Dubai Health Authority and the 5-star property will continue to enhance the guest stays at Palazzo Versace Dubai by introducing soon more “no-touch” experiences, from keyless no-contact check-in and sanitation of luggage to mobile ordering systems in all the restaurants, including room service.

Palazzo Versace Dubai has always prioritized the safety of the guests, suppliers, partners, and team members and the new measures taken will ensure the most hygienic hotel experience, from arrival until check-out.

The newest safety protocols at Palazzo Versace Dubai include:


• Sterix Eco sanitizing tunnel has been installed at the entrance of the hotel to ensure sanitization of everyone entering the property
• Palazzo Versace Dubai is in the process of installing five more sanitizing tunnels to cover the rest of the entry points, that including the team members and residences entry points

Public Spaces, including the restaurants, lobby, bars, The SPA, prayer rooms, elevators, washrooms, and offices

• 24/7 sanitizing team has been deployed to disinfect all the touchpoints and sanitizing records are documented for municipality inspections
• After regular deep cleaning of the outlets, the entire area including the touchpoints are disinfected using the steam cleaning machine and the misting machine
• Steam machine removes any germs embedded on surfaces and misting machine protect the surfaces by spraying disinfectant
• Less manning with a maximum of 30% in kitchen and service, to reduce the contact between employees
• No valet service until further notice, hence self-parking is recommended
• Reduced seating arrangement to 30% of the original capacity of the restaurants and maintain two meters apart between the tables.
• No admission to kids 0-12 years old & elderly above 60 years
• Checking the team members’ temperature before the start of the shift
• Checking the guests’ temperature before entry to the restaurants
• Persons-In-Charge (Certified PIC’s) regularly monitor deliveries, grooming, and disinfection with the use of FoodWatch Connect App which is the digital platform for food safety of Dubai Municipality(DM)
• Use of masks, gloves with dedicated PPE disposal bins
• Availability of disposable crockery for guests
• Availability of DM approved B2B biocides: hand sanitizers gel (ABDG52) and table sanitizers (N4) in all restaurants and highly exposed areas
• DM guidelines are advised to guests upon reservation, with consumer advisory posters on the entrance of the restaurants
• Buffet will not be available until further notice, hence a la carte and set menu is served, with limited timing of the restaurants maximum until 10:00 pm.
• Bars and live entertainment are closed until further notice.
• We encourage smart payment solutions: use of cards or online payments.


Departure Rooms:

• After stripping the soiled linen, entire bedding including the top surface of the mattress, headboard, duvets, pillows, cushions, bedspreads are sanitized using the high-powered steam cleaner and spraying disinfectants using the misting machine
• Same process is applied for the curtains and the soft furniture’s that are covered with fabrics
• After deep cleaning and setting up the room, the entire room is disinfected again including all the high touchpoints by using the misting machine.

Occupied Rooms

• After regular servicing of the rooms, the entire room is disinfected including all the high touchpoints by using the misting machine.

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