Chef Marco Legittimo has recently been appointed Chef de Cuisine at the signature Italian restaurant of Palazzo Versace Dubai, Vanitas. With a wealth of experience in creating exceptional moments for his guests, Chef Marco brings to the table his creativity and his homeland’s authentic flavours to provide a world-class dining experience.

Having worked at some of the most renowned restaurants in Europe and the Middle East, Marco, together with his talented team, strike the perfect balance between taste and aesthetics with beautiful presentations and intense fragrances that stimulate the senses.

Chef Marco has brought a fresh approach to Vanitas, recreating the atmosphere of a relaxed restaurant on the Italian Riviera. “At Vanitas, everything is about the relaxed Italian way of doing things – simple ingredients, chilled atmosphere, and extraordinary tastes,” says Marco, who invites the guests to succumb to the charms of the venue and the authenticity of his Italian food served at Palazzo Versace Dubai’s signature restaurant.

Before joining Palazzo Versace Dubai, Marco was the Head Chef of Bussola restaurant at Westin Mina Seyahi, Dubai, from 2011 to 2017. During his 20-year career, Marco has also been awarded “Ospitalita Italiana” Certificate of Italian Authenticity from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and “Italian Master Chef de Cuisine” from Academia Barilla.

The renaissance-inspired interior of Vanitas set against the luminous waters of the Dubai Creek make it the perfect backdrop for an intimate experience with friends or a romantic dinner. Vanitas is a truly elegant restaurant where Chef Marco Legittimo delivers refined and authentic Italian flavours using specially imported produce.


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