Nalaya Brown – the Spanish musician and composer with rhythm hints of jazz, blues and soul, is the new resident artist at the Quincy Jones' live music venue Q's Bar and Lounge.

Nalaya is also a renowned name of the world's electronic music scene, the singer having performed internationally, from global events to the biggest nightclubs around the world. She began her career playing jazz and became known after playing in the liveliest nightclubs of Ibiza, being now one of the most popular superstars in the dance scene around the world.

Nalaya is also the voice of the Spanish production 'SuperMartxé', the biggest house music party in Europe, with stunning performances all around the world. 'SuperMartxé' became globally known after Guinness World recognized its record of bringing together 15,000 people to a party in a nightclub.

In 2015, Nalaya Brown participated in the Spanish TV talent show, La Voz (The Voice). One year later, she started working on her first album, composed by her and remixed by some of the greatest music producers in Europe.

The international press has described the album as "a fusion of soul and Latin jazz  – something sexy and fresh".
Over the years, the artist from Canary Islands shared stages with some of the biggest names in the music industry like Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Akon and Chris Brown.

She will be accompanied at Q's Bar and Lounge by three great musicians from Los Angeles jazz circuits – Adam Joshua at the piano, Matheo Pierre at drums and Munir Hossn at bass.

Quincy Jones has a lot of love for this talented artist:
“C’mon Dubai! Please reach down and give up ALL the love you got for our next artist at Q’s Bar & Lounge, Miss Nalaya! And get your dancing shoes ready because I know y’awl won’t be sitting by the end of her performance!”

Nalaya will perform at Palazzo Versace's fully soundproofed, all-around leather interior jazz lounge - Q's Bar & Lounge that offers high-quality comfort food with a wide selection of rare and fine beverages.

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